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#bossbabe - let's meet Kinsey Whidby

“Girl, you already have what it takes” #bossbabe

If you’re anything like me; eat, sleep and build your business is what your day to day looks like. You know that showing up for your followers and spreading your message is something you encounter often as a CEO. Knowing this, I decided to collaborate with Kinsey Whidby Photography for a lifestyle and boss babe photoshoot!

The photos came back and…! She absolutely killed it! With that in mind, I wanted to share exactly what she does with all of you.

As Kinsey said, “All of my boss babe branding sessions are about YOU. I've said it before and I'll probably say it again. If coffee isn't your thing, then why in the world would we take photos of you in a coffee shop? If you wouldn't be caught dead in hiking boots and a ponytail, then we sure as heck aren't going to do a full outdoors shoot for you. I cater each of these sessions to the individual boss babe who books one with me. We're going to get you so much amazing content to post to your social media, to use in your marketing campaigns, and to update your website, you'll be surprised you haven't done one earlier!”

Let’s get to know Kinsey, she loves to “belt out Fleetwood Mac songs” while enjoying her favorite meal of the day, breakfast (specifically breakfast burritos). Kinsey married her high school sweetheart and got two “adorable and naughty” weiner dogs, where they enjoy watching Park & Recs and as Kinsey says, “I relate to Leslie Knope on a very real level.”

Kinsey likes to say that taking photos of couples and amazing women “truly sets her soul on fire and makes her know that she is doing exactly what she’s supposed to be doing.” Kinsey has a unique client experience because she is “your #1 cheerleader, stage mom, and bridesmaid with a camera all wrapped up into one!”

“I have been in front of the camera myself and I know how scary it can be. I work extremely hard to make sure that any shoot you do with me is 100% fun and the total opposite of scary! I make sure to meet my clients before I photograph them, to answer any questions or help with any concerns they may have, help them pick out their best outfit for photos, or the lipgloss they'd like to wear, or the perfect location for a sunset shoot, or.... I could go on an on! And that's all before we even start your photoshoot.”

Kinsey’s boss babe shoots are all about YOU. If I still haven’t sold you that a branding photoshoot is exactly what you need, listen to this…”My boss babe branding sessions are for the woman who is a hustler and entrepreneur herself. She's out there working, getting those hashtags perfected on Instagram, listening to the business podcasts, and yet...still feels like she's missing something; those amazing photos of herself to show to her audience. Any cool photos you see of your favorite bloggers working on their computers with their cute messy bun? Branding session. The cook you follow who posts a photo of herself laughing in her kitchen? Branding session. If you head to my Instagram you will see that about every third photo, I have a photo of myself. BRANDING SESSION.”

It’s true what they say, people do business with people they know, like and trust. Your clients aren’t buying your product because of your product. They are buying it because of YOU. “They buy because of why you sell and why you do it.”

“I would want a client to know that we are going to have a blast shooting together. That they're going to be shooting with ME and know exactly what to expect. And that they are going to receive real, raw, happy, beautiful, and timeless photos when we are all done. That I'm in the business of capturing memories!”

All Photography by Kinsey Whidby Photography!

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